Bon Bini! Paradise Found in Aruba

Docks for fishing boats in Aruba

Docks for fishing boats in Aruba

Jason and I have one of the best jobs in the world. We get to travel around the globe meeting and working with some of the most interesting people in some of the coolest places.

Our friend Ashley Colburn called us recently and asked if we’d be interested in shooting a show in Aruba with her called “Paradise Found” for GOGO Worldwide Vacations. Ashley is the on-camera travel expert who explores the destination for the audience and helps travelers decide what and how to book the vacation of their dreams.

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The first stop was our hotel, the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. This hotel is part of the Marriott brand and has a lot to offer guests. Not only does it offer high-end luxury shopping, but the hotel also has its own private island. Guests can take the ferryboat from inside the hotel to the island. Once on the exclusive island, guests can lounge on the beach, enjoy lunch, or frolic with the flamingos on Flamingo Beach. Nightlife at the hotel is also a lot of fun. While we were there they were having a DJ party where we danced the night away after a long day of shooting.

The Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino

Our first day of shooting was all about the beaches of Aruba. We visited Palm Beach and Eagle Beach and were introduced to the local fofoti tree. The fofoti trees grow in an odd shape due to the winds that constantly blow over the island. They were fun to see and learn about.

A fofoti tree in Aruba

Speaking of wind on the island, I am sure you guessed windsurfing and kite boarding are a couple of the more popular sports guests can take part in. Ashley was scheduled to take a windsurfing lesson, which is always fun to shoot, with Aruba Active Vacations. These are the things outtakes from any show are made from. Other water sports on the island for guests to experience are snorkeling, SCUBA, boating, fishing, surfing, and, well, pretty much anything you can think of that is related to being in the water and having fun.

Ashley Colburn taking a windsurfing lesson with Aruba Active Vacations

The next morning, we set out to capture some fun on land. We took an Island Safari with ABC Tours. We loaded up our gear and headed out in a 10-person Range Rover. If you really want to get an idea of what Aruba has to offer this is an ideal way to see the island. Apparently we brought the rain with us to Aruba because, as we were shooting out in a remote area, a huge storm cloud rolled by and soaked us for about 30 minutes. Our guide, Jonathon, told us it is quite rare to get rain in Aruba; they only get it once or twice a year, and when it happens all the kids are told to go out and play in the rain so they can grow.

ABC Safari jeep waiting for us to load up and head out to Aruba’s sites

After a long day of shooting we headed back to our hotel, cleaned up, and met for dinner. We headed out to a really unique restaurant called The Old Man and the Sea. It’s always fun for Jason and me to dine in the Caribbean. For whatever reason we always are introduced to great restaurants with delicious food. But the best part of these restaurants is usually the owners. Behind every great restaurant is someone with a passion for good food, a great atmosphere, and a general love of people and conversation. Osyth Henriquez is no different. Osyth met us for dinner and talked with us about her vision for her restaurant. As an artist who designed and set the highly romantic stage of her restaurant, Osyth has outdone herself. This restaurant is perfect if you are honeymooning, celebrating something special, or just feel like snuggling up with your special someone at sunset over a wonderful meal.

Sunset at the Old Man and the Sea restaurant in Aruba

There is much more that we did, but you’ll have to wait for the video to be edited. Aruba is a great place to visit and explore.

Thanks, Ashley, for calling. We are free to shoot with you anytime!