Where to Bunk for the Buffalo Round-Up in South Dakota

The Buffalo round-up at Custer State Park is a well-attended event

Yep, dogies (buffies?), it’s that time again, the last Monday of September, when chap-wearin’, spur-clinking cowboys and a few gals sitting astride their mounts chase buffalo through the Black Hills of South Dakota in Custer State Park.

This unique annual occurrence qualifies for our “only in America” file, and is done to cull the herd to what the park says is a manageable number that the grasslands of the park can support. Some go on to a lovely ranch in the country (really) to breed and for a few, their time has come.

If, by the odd chance you are in South Dakota right now watching the Round-Up or are a- fixin’ to go next year, I want to let you know about my favorite place to bunk to explore Rapid City, Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore, and of course attend the Buffalo Round -Up.

Skirting Rapid City’s downtown core, about an hour from Custer State Park, I really like the very new and upscale-comfy Rapid City Cambria Suites run by the most accommodating general manager, Mr. Sam Cannon. Built near a humongous Cabela’s outfitters store, you can run across the street to get that hat you forgot or pick up some camo-duct tape to fix your broken luggage handle.

Cambria Suites is part of the Choice Hotels brand that also includes Quality Inn, Econolodge, Comfort Inn, and many other major brands. Cambria Suites brand appeals to the business traveler with comfortable furnishings and sleek design. It includes in-room amenities like upgraded coffee, fridge, microwave, daily newspaper, and comfortable work station with free-WiFi.

The lobby has small conference rooms available for guests’ use and comfortable seating with an attached bar, a coffee bar, and a small bistro restaurant. There is also a pool and workout room to keep the road warrior in shape. But don’t dismiss the hotel if you are a family or a couple; Cambria Suites are an excellent value in an upper-mid-scale market with very reasonable prices for what you get.

Join the Choice Privileges program and save with offers and special rates. Sorry, no free breakfast as with other Choice Hotels brands, but there is free parking and plenty of room to pull up in your horse trailer. I should know! Happy Trails.

3333 Outfitters Road , Rapid City, SD, US, 57701 Phone: (605) 341-010