Tequila con Sangrita

Chef Betty Vázquez shows off her bright and spicy tequila con sangrita

What it is: Tequila con Sangrita 

Where to find it: El Delfin restaurant, Hotel Garza, San Blas, Mexico
What it costs: around $5 US for a shot of tequila con sangrita
Why you want it:

A few hours north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in the adjacent state of Nayarit sits the quaint colonial town of San Blas, famous for its historic ruins and incredibly lush wildlife. (In fact, when you go, take a sunset panga ride through the mangroves for some unparalleled birdwatching. There are over 400 indigenous species, not to mention countless other critters like butterflies, crocodiles, and turtles.)

After hiking through said ruins and viewing the aforementioned wildlife, you will most definitely be in need of some nourishment. In which case, I recommend heading directly to The El Delfin restaurant, located in the Hotel Garza Canela. Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and owner Betty Vázquez will delight you with inspired dishes of fresh local seafood, meat, and produce that blend the traditional tastes of Mexican cuisine with global influences as varied as complex curries or creamy risottos.

When you arrive, however, be sure to order Chef Vázquez’s riff on tequila con sangrita, a Mexican aperitif that is both fiery and refreshing. If you are unable to make it to San Blas any time soon, though, Chef Vázquez was kind enough to share her recipe with us:

1 oz of fresh lemon juice
5 oz of tomato juice
2 oz of grapefuit soda
1 dash of grenadine

Mix and pour into a shot glass. Sip alongside a shot glass of chilled, premium tequila such as Tequila Miramontes (which is the one I had from the tequila region of Ahuacatlan, Nayarit, Mexico) and don’t forget your plate of lime wedges and salt!

For more information about the Hotel Garza Canela or the El Delfin Restaurant, click here.