Quintessential Cuixmala

Cuixmala on Costa Alegre

My love for flying continues, and this time I am in a Mooney cruising at about 7,000 feet over the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. With a private grass airstrip occasionally peppered with a roaming zebra, only those who have been here would know I was en route to Sir James Goldsmith’s Cuixmala on Costa Alegre Mexico.

Goldsmith’s daughter Alix and her husband Goffredo Marcaccini now own and run the famed estate, which sits on 25,000 acres of lush agricultural land, lagoons, endless beaches and pristine surroundings. When asked to describe it to a friend, I said, “It’s jungle, beach, farm, ranch, and an African safari in one.” And, with a guest list that reads like the front row at the Oscars, Cuixmala is an exclusive enclave for lovers of privacy; a retreat for the jetset and gypset together in harmony.

Sir James Goldsmith bought the land in for preservation, and today Cuixmala is an altar of sustainability in the region. Alix has encapsulated the sensibility of her father’s wishes and translated it into an experiential Shangri La reflecting the core philosophy of the family. Numerous ecological programs help endangered species. Organic fruit trees stand at attention. Breakfast? Organic honey with organic homemade yogurt with organic papaya picked that morning. Lunch? Fish fresh out of the sea. Dinner? Organic-fed beef fillet. Cheese course? 28 varieties. Any food not farmed at Cuixmala is from the ranch and farms of their sister property, Hacienda de San Antonio in Colima. All of it translates into a feeling of staying in a friend’s grand home than a hotel.

For the first time in history, the suites and bungalows at La Loma, Sir James Goldsmith’s private home, are now available to rent individually at several select weeks in the year, and only this Insider can get you in. Connect with me, Andria, in the Jetset Extra Community and send an email for more details, and check out the Cuixmala website. Private flights can be arranged on a Mooney and other aircraft.

Learn more about the Cuixmala foundation online.