La Mision, Historic Baja

La Mision, Mexico at sunset

La Mision is a little town in Mexico, just a half hour from the US border, that is full of culture and rich in history. With a population of just over 1000, it is still one of the oldest communities in the region.

A beach at La Mision

Home to many exotic birds

It sits next to a beautiful stretch of beach for as far as the eye can see. The estuary, that runs through the town and meets the ocean, is a home to many exotic birds.

A bird in flight

Being a horse community, one can often hear the gentle clomp on the dirt road and spot wild horses drinking from the ravine.

A horse community

La Mision is an old ranching town

La Mision is an old ranchers’ town that was established in 1787 by Dominican missionary Luis Sales.

Remnants of an adobe wall

You can still see remnants of adobe walls from the church that were up to three feet thick.

El Salto

The surrounding areas are filled with things to do. You can drive deep into the nearby canyon and find the home of a native tribe where you can buy their weavings and hand crafted gifts. If you like to hike, you don’t have to go very far to visit the waterfall called El Salto which means ‘The jump’. Just take the free road past town toward Ensedanda and turn left at the 76 mile marker. Bring $2 per person to pay for parking.

As you walk along the black, decomposing granite and get to the final destination, you may be surprised to learn that you have been walking on top of the waterfall the whole time.

You can repel down the gorge

The gorge cuts deep into the canyon, and if you feel like repelling down, you can tie on to the hooks already established there.

Getting back up might not be as easy.

Can you see the polar bear?

And if you look closely, you may even find a white polar bear sitting there waiting for you.

Enjoy some ultra light flying here

By day, you can experience ultra light flying, four-wheeling on the sand dunes, surfing at any of the world-class spots or just relaxing on the sand steps from your door. By night, listen to Spanish guitar or take tango lessons.

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