Going Where No One Has Gone Before in Iceland

Taking our personal dingy to the mountain

Taking our personal dingy to the mountain

My life as a professional skier and founder and CEO of Discrete Clothing takes me all over the world, usually visiting exotic locations in South America, heli-skiing in Canada and Alaska, or cruising around Europe.

When I had the chance to head to Iceland from my home in Salt Lake City, Utah, I felt this was going to be as good as it gets. There were too many highlights of the trip, one of which was being treated to an insane boat and ski experience in the West Fjords. Borea Adventures has all the offerings you could ever ask for, no matter your skill level, to explore Iceland on skis or not, from plenty of insane sightseeing to accommodations in a fixed up, abandoned farmhouse and everything in between. Borea guided us into a first descent, skiing down an area no other human has had the privilege to do—ever.

With (from left to right) Camilla Edwards, Brody Leven, and Sierra Quitiquit at home base for Borea Adventures

Can you imagine waking up where you know very few people have ever been, then hopping in a boat to go into fjords where you know even less people have ever been? Can you imagine then taking a ski tour to the top of something where no one has ever been? Amazing! Borea gets two thumbs up.

After our boat and ski adventure with Borea, we opted to head to the town of Ísafjörður, a small city surrounded by amazing mountains. We gobbled up food at Edinborg Bistró Cafe Bar, and we weren’t disappointed; everything on the menu looked delicious for lunch, dinner, and dessert. Yum.

Everything in Iceland seemed to have an enchanted nature about it, even the Arctic foxes we ran into seemed wise and friendly. I recommend going to hear live music at Húsið, a laid-back place where you can easily approach some of the warm locals.

Crazy little, friendly arctic fox

The accommodation option in Ísafjörður is … Hótel Ísafjörður. It was a great spot. Check out 
kayaking in Ísafjörður at the Kayak Center, too.

Shredding the "Troll Seat" above the town of Ísafjörður

From Ísafjörður we decided to take a road trip to the capital city of Reykjavik. I learned that although there are 320,000 residents in Iceland you would not see any of them on your way to Reykjavik from Ísafjörður, except in the little arrangement known as Heydalur.

Heydalur is a valley 90 kilometers from Ísafjörður. In Heydalur you will find cozy and kind service, a magnificent restaurant installed in the old barn, a natural hot pool, kayak and horse rentals, fishing in the lakes, hiking, and winter activities such as snowmobile trips, short and long guided tours, fishing on ice, and cross-country skiing.

There was LOTS of this to go around; the shoreline was amazing on our road trip

Back on the road to Reykjavic, we were refreshed and looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful Icelandic landscape. The West Fjords are known for long stretches of shorelines with literally millions of seabirds. Lovely.

West Fjords have magical sunsets

After a wonderful day of sightseeing on our road trip, we treated our hunger to see society again with a great welcoming sight of the capital city, which is home to 200,000 people. “Lovers of arts and culture are in for a real treat in Reykjavik. From the Icelandic Sagas to contemporary art, Reykjavik has a buzzing cultural scene. A constant flow of innovative musical happenings, theatrical performances, and cultural events keeps locals and visitors entertained all year round in Reykjavik,” says the city’s tourism board.

One thing you must experience is the Blue Lagoon, the only geothermal pool of its kind in the world. Take a dip in the milky blue water in the massive pool surrounded by black volcanic rock; it is truly a unique experience.

If you have had your fair share of the city, an added bonus to Reykjavik is its proximity to the Esja Mountains in the north, where you’ll find killer short hikes with great views.

One of the many beautiful Icelandic horses you'll encounter

To sum up the trip, the country was truly remote yet accessible. It is unbelievable I can now say I skied first descent in Iceland, ate amazing food, made amazing friends, road tripped, and saw a concert. It was just incredible.

Above it all, about to ski where no one has before

When you look into booking your Icelandic trip be sure to book through Icelandair, which now has direct flights from Denver.